Anyone for the Cold War?

As the subject officer for Edexcel announced yesterday its Hobson’s choice for many centres offering an International Relations unit as part of their Modern World GCSE courses. Hi actual words were, “The Unit 1 of our GCSE Modern World specification is now likely to be simply the Cold War ie all Edexcel Modern World centres will now have to do the Cold War in our spec from Sep 2013.” In the days of endless choice it does seem bizarre that , at a whim, Gove has caused so much disruption to GCSE teaching programmes from September with barely a dozen teaching weeks to prepare. When you think how careful schools chose their original exam provider in 986 , gain in 2000 and within the last few years, it comes to a pretty pass when centres are TOLD what they MUST teach. What about student choice? You can study any period of international history in the 20th century, as long as its the Cold War! Centres that looked at the new OCR spec and thought of jumping ship are now deciding that the goodship HMS Edexcel is now not for them. But will AQA’s different structure provide anything better? Watch this space.

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