All year groups start new primary history in 2014? How will THAT work?

Nobody’s really thought this through. With all year groups i.e. 1-6 starting the new history curriculum from 2014, how will schools manage to introduce a freshly organised arrangement of topics without leading to some not being taught and other doubling up? If it now makes more sense in the long term to teach the Vikings in, say, Y5, what happens to those who are currently studying them in Y4? It is going to be messy. But just remember whose fault this is. There are limits to what you can be expected to do in terms of mitigating the damage.So, my advice would be to start afresh with a robust new history curriculum with a clear rationale that OFSTED will approve of and make arrangements for next year for the benefit of your current pupils even if it looks odd to OFSTED. They need to see your long-term vision not just your short-term expediency.

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