Advice on assessment in KS3 history

Interesting edition of Teaching History focussing on assessment. Brown and Burnham return to a seminal article they wrote 10 years ago entitled Assessment Without Levels. Now called Assessment after levels these two practising teachers have not changed their minds. Their advice holds good a decade later. Interestingly they are putting more emphasis on knowledge tests, which I need to be convinced about, but their central tenet chimes perfectly with what I have always been advocating on this website:
” Our experience confirmed that we and pupils learnt most from using task-specific markschemes” ( p.9) and later
“The only way to give effective feedback in our experience is by giving precise diagnostic formative feedback based upon task-specific markschemes”.
Their article is well worth reading alongside Alec Ford’s in the same edition.

Although slightly too self-referencing for my liking, the quality of the latest editions of Teaching History has improved significantly and is now a ‘must have’ for any secondary history department.

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