The future of the past in primary schools

We wait with bated breath the discussion document for the new primary curriculum for history. Having seen the lists of content outlined by Gove we can be forgiven for being pessimistic that the gains of the last 25 years will be lost. Perhaps there is just a glimmer of hope.If you read the draft programmes of study for English maths and Science you will see that they are very prescriptive. Gove doesn’t want that level of detail for history. As the DfE website says
We envisage that the National Curriculum documents for other primary subjects will be much shorter and allow for the maximum level of innovation at school level over the content to be taught in those subjects.
I’ll believe it when I see it, but this might be our get out clause. Teach what he legislates for very briefly then get on with teaching the history topics that we know work with juniors in a way that is not about factual recall but about arriving at reasoned judgements, based on evidence.

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