Progress with new KS1 linked significant people planners and lessons

I know many of you have recently enquired about our progress with the planned KS1 topics on the theme of communication or spreading the word. I am pleased to say that all planners have been now been created and all the lessons written and awaiting editing and copyright clearance. So, whilst they are not ready for classroom use just yet, for your planning purposes subscribers can now contact us and we will send all the available material which is at least 95% as it will appear.

Just to remind you, we have topics on:

Louis Braille ( to be followed by Helen Keller later) full 6 lesson enquiry

William Caxton ( a short 3-session enquiry with great role play-more fun than it sounds as pupils show how the old handwritten system is replaced by new technology)

Alexander Graham Bell ( 3 enquiry questions only-a half topic)

as well as our new full length topic on a female scientist, the great fossil hunter Mary Anning to fit into your topic on dinosaurs

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