Pre-1066 thematic study at KS3. Please think of KS2

I’m growing increasingly concerned, as I read the schoolhistory forum, about the options that schools are taking for this area of study , new to the 2014 curriculum. Setting aside the bizarre, (being told to choose Ancient Greece when the topic is clearly British) there seem to be an awful lot of secondary school history department repeating what pupils will have studied within their last years of primary school. Revisiting the Neolithic revolution, taught largely in Y3, is more understandable, but going over the Angles, Saxons and Vikings areas of study (which most primary schools will have tackled in Y5) seems a retrograde step. What will the parents think? Has the secondary school not talked to the main contributory schools? It works both ways, of course, Primary schools have to study a thematic unit post 1066. Some have chosen the Battle of Hastings!! Finding a solution that suits all your ‘feeders’ is virtually impossible but we can at least try to avoid repetition so soon into KS3. If there is a secondary dip demotivating revisiting of topics just studied my be playing its part.

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