New history GCSE from EDQUAS WJEC now accredited

New GCSE history specification for 2016

It will be interesting to see the take-up for the WJEC/EDUQAS GCSE history specification which has just been accredited, making it 4 out of 5, with just OCR B to go. The structure of the WJEC/EDUQAS course is simple. There are 5 elements

  1. Element 1 a British Depth Study Centres select one from these periods: 1337-1381;1558-1603;1890-1918, 1951-9179
  2. Element 2: Non-British Depth . Centres select ONE from : Crusades;Voyages of exploration; Weimar and Nazi Germany to 1939, and USA 1910-29
  3. Element 3: Study in breadth: period study: centres select one from: USA 1929-2000;Germany 1919-1991;USSR 1924-91, UK 1919-1990
  4. Element 4 Thematic study. Centres select ONE from: Crime and Punishment c.500-present; Health and medicine c500-present; Warfare c.500-present;Changes in Entertainment and Leisure in Britain c.500-to present . This last option is not offered by any other board.
  5. Element 5 The requirement to study an historic site is, rather like EDEXCEL part of the Thematic Study. Also like EDEXCEL The nominated site for Crime and punishment is the East End of London in the late 19C then , after two years, switches to Botany bay. Centres following medicine start with the village of Eyam during the Plague followed by ,again like EdEXCEL, the British Sector of the Western Front 1914-18. Warfare options also use examples in common with other boards e.g. London during World War Two and Kenilworth castle. At least this doubles the chances of having some half-decent resources. Those centres bold enough to follow the entertainment topic will study the seaside resort of Blackpool in the late 19th and 20th centuries followed again after two years by the development of Wembley Stadium .
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