New Grace Darling planner and lessons coming this month

Those of you teaching Grace Darling as a famous person at KS1, perhaps as part of a broader sea-based topic, will be delighted to discover that we have now completely revised and updated the Grace Darling planner which is available to subscribers, on request, now. By the end of the month the 3 remaining enquiry-led lessons, all fully-resourced with their own PowerPoints and activity resource sheets, will have been uploaded. Drafts of these can be obtained on request , by email, while we clear the final pieces of copyright.

KQ2 has some fun prioritising activities, whereas KQ4 uses the Prove it! strategy which encourages pupils to work in pairs touring a gallery of  images which provide clues for the statements they are testing out. KQ5 uses visual stimuli to see if pupils can spot and then chart the way safety at sea has improved over the last 200 years. Then comes the main attraction.

The museum at Chatham holds the biggest collection of old lifeboats. Unfortunately it is closed for redecoration at the moment. As lots of schools  want to come, you have been asked to set up a  small display showing how lifeboats have changed over the last 200 years. You have only 5 images to choose and to label. But which will they be and what labels will you choose?

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