Half of our KS2 history has been scrapped!

Whilst welcoming the fact the the more bizarre of Gove’s ideas have bitten the dust, many of you will still be left wondering what on earth KS2 history will be like without the Tudors, Victorians and Life since the 1930s. Over the next month I will be publishing different ‘curriculum models’ which show, with a bit of imagination we can rescue 3 of our best-loved KS2 topics.
We can, where appropriate, look at many aspects of the Victorians through a local study
We can exploit the flexibility of unit 6 a study or theme of British history that extends pupils’ chronological understanding which offer the chance to look at a turning point -Spanish Armada? or we could look at the changing power of monarchs comparing Tudor times ( Henry and Elizabeth) with Victoria and today.
Think creatively, and don’t be boxed in my the limitations of Gove’s dull curriculum!

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