Great new lesson on Ancient Egypt coming soon

A great new lesson using objects to draw conclusions about life in Ancient Egypt is soon to be available to subscribers who can request an early draft copy from 1.06.20

The lesson takes images of four small objects each of which is slowly revealed on the PowerPoint presentation to build an air of anticipation and to encourage pupils to look for clues as each of the three parts is revealed, top to bottom.

The chosen objec are:
a. Benben ( or capstone) found at the top of pyramids. Pupils are encouraged to look just at the top section for  some powerful clues

b. Shabtis why were over 365 found in Tutankhamun’s tomb.One for each day ?

c.Scarab bettle in a variety of forms How could this dung beetle be so significant?

d.Model toy clay figure of 4 cattle. How could a simple toy older than the pharaohs and the pyramids tells so much

Each object throws light on key features of Ancient Egyptian life: pharaoahs, pyramids, gods and goddesses, myths, afterlife, influence of the Nile, tombs, discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, so this serves as a really useful short task.

If you are following the medium-term plan on the site then use these during /at end of Key question 4 or 5.

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