Creating your 5 year history curriculum

Now that we have seen the colour of the new history GCSE course criteria and contexts, with their emphasis on thematic outline as well as depth , with its 40% British component and with its dimensions of different scales including local, how will this affect our creation of a new KS3 course. Surely we would want to make it as seamless as possible albeit that nationally under half will study it at GCSE. Now that we know exactly which skills and concepts will be assessed at KS4 shouldn’t we be building progression in these areas from Y7-11. Soon exam board will be publishing more detailed examples of the contexts on offer. That will give us yet another opportunity to provide context at KS3 that support but do not repeat what is on offer at GCSE. Without the bifurcation of SHP and Modern World courses we can now all look to a creating a genuine 5 year course with much more certainty and confidence- a course that suits all students regardless of whether they carry on with post-14 study.

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