Teaching Grace Darling to Key Stage 1

Long before Grace Darling appeared in one of the additional QCA schemes of work, Grace Darling was being taught as a famous person. She was particularly popular with teachers of Year 1 in term 2. Not only was the story of her life focused on one clear-cut event on one day in one place, it also offered opportunities to compare different versions. This is picked up in the lesson on the tricky question of the versions. Rather than ignore historical interpretations as being too difficult for young children this lesson deals with it head on, by engaging children with pictures to compare and still images to mime.

The introductory lesson fits in beautifully with the Literacy Strategy. Pupils have to predict what a book might be about from the cover and blurb, which is cleverly and slowly revealed by degrees so that children make optimum use of all the clues shown. All teachers using this PowerPoint presentation have found that it not only engages all children but also contributes powerfully to their speaking and listening skills.

We are lucky to have a brand new resource pack produced by the Grace Darling Museum. email: AskGraceDarling@rnli.org.uk or ring on 01668 214910. This is a must for any school studying Grace Darling. They also have a website well worth visiting

The RNLI’s interactive story is a really good addition to your resources. You can find it at rnli.org/shorething/discover/gracedarling/Pages/Grace-Darling-story.aspx with its really good animated story, its fact file, and even lesson plans.

The C4 book and DVD on Grace Darling from the Famous People series are both of very high quality and are key resources for these lessons. They can now be ordered online

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