What the latest biography of Mary Seacole tells us

In Helen Rappaport’s latest book “In Search of Mary Seacole: Making of a cultural icon”, we are told how Mary’s significance has only truly come to light and been properly recognised in the last 50 years. The book makes 9 points you might want to share with your children-most of which you probably already cover, so this will make you feel better!!

  • 1. The book dispels the myth that Mary nursed alongside Florence in the Crimea. She did no such thing.
  • 2. Mary was a formidable single-minded entrepreneur who sailed to the Crimea on her own on a commercial ship after countless rebuttals of her offers to be taken on as a nurse
  • 3. Florence Nightingale couldn’t stand her and was deeply suspicious of her activities in her ‘hotel’.
  • 4. The reason why Queen Victoria didn’t immediately thank Mary after the war was over was because Florence had whispered poison in her ear!
  • 5. Florence was probably jealous of Mary’s nickname, “The Mother of the Army”.
  • 6. Florence had no respect for Mary’s Jamaican remedies
  • 7. Mary became bankrupt because officers in her ‘hotel’ in the Crimea left without paying their bills to her
  • 8. A few years after the
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