Florence Nightingale

Florence NightingaleAlthough many Year 2 teachers feel that they would like a break from Florence Nightingale, she does indisputably provide an excellent context for the development of a variety of important skills and concepts in history. Pupils learn about sequence, duration and consequences. They can appreciate that there are different interpretations of Florence and can, through role play, appreciate the different attitudes people had towards her in the past.

There are a wide range of lessons here to feed the wide demand for Florence Nightingale resources at KS1. The one of the different stages of Florence’s life provides an excellent context for numeracy, so that children see the relative lengths of time Florence spent doing different things in her life.

Comparisons with Mary Seacole offer an excellent context for discussion of the theme of fairness, and pupils can be really creative in their work on how the contribution of the two women should be commemorated.

Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole SMART TASK

Who said it? / Who am I?

This simple task encourages children to spot the differences between Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole.

With a large A4 image of Florence on one side, and Mary Seacole on the other, you sit with a pack of cards which...
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